Philosophy and Mission

Yn Couture is a design house where sartorial items are made to order.  Yn Couture's "yn" (pronounced [in]) refers to yin and yang's yin in Japanese. This New York-based design house was named yn for two general ideas in which Yn Couture's unchanged mission is rooted since its founding in 2003.

The first idea is external. It was to break away from the typical images of bright side of the fashion industries. On the other side of the industry, there were always seamstresses working with minimal wages, wastes from overproduction, and consumers who do not look like runway models. 

Yn Couture's products are all made by the artist/artisan Nana N¥. There are never unhappy seamstresses behind the brand.  Also at Yn Couture, most remnant materials are used for other purposes such as making small accessories so that wastes are minimized. Additionally, all Yn Couture's first samples are made for Nana N¥ as a fit model. Nana N¥ is petite in height, and a lot curvier than standard models. Many of Yn Couture's items are made to fit and compliment curvy bodies. 

The second idea is internal. Nana N¥ believes that a person's inner self is yang (light), and outfits are mere yin (shadow). Outfits are there to help enhance the wearer's precious inner character. Yn Couture’s items would never wear a person, but they are to be worn. Yn, also meaning rhyme in Japanese, strives to support the wearer’s confidence by raising their vibe.

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Yn Couture